Baris Annelleri

– Turkey –
My reportage intends to document the deep humanitarian bond of the “Mothers of peace” community (BARIS ANNELLERI). Women who live in the territory defined as Kurdistan. As a matter of fact this region does not exist in maps though it is homeland to the Kurdish people who owns personal language, identity, history and culture. In 1999 in Turkey 15 women, war widows or childless mothers by then alone, joined in their sorrow and together they created a real community to promote peace. I was impressed by betting in touch with their continuous commitment in bringing affection and solidarity to other women experiencing the same condition; therefore three years ago I started my research on the topic. The challenge is represented by the wide geographic dislocation of the Kurdish area. Its hypothetical borders reach out from eastern Turkey to Iraq, Iran and Syria. They also include a small part of Armenia. In my reportage I would like to highlight both the humanitarian theme which connects the “Mothers of peace” within their community, being motivated by a deep supportive spirit and the social matter which emerges from their everyday activities, differently declined under geographical positions and the cultures they belong to. This aspect will give me the possibility to analyze several generations and professional realities.

The wide territory embraced by Kurdistan represents a delicate plug in the Middle East issue. In my opinion in such a fragile setting, where violence is present in several forms and in everyday life, it is interesting to discover the existence of such strong peaceful movements within. The “Mothers of peace” give example of extreme obstinacy and courage. A very deep humanitarian spirit comes out from their actions which connects them one another and creates a unique body which helps them in finding the strength to go on day by day.

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