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Christian is a self-educated travel photographer; the love of this language led him to constant research as from the beginning he realized how travel was linked to his life.

From 2006 his work has been published in Italy, both in print and online in national magazines and newspapers. In 2011, after graduation in travel photojournalism from Matador U (New media school), he was selected to participate in a sponsored project in collaboration with several specialized partners, including the National Geographic Traveler. Christian is a member of the national association of professional photographers of Italy TAU visual.

He has shot in more than 30 destinations including North America, Australia, Burma, Burkina-Faso, Brazil, China, India, Morocco, Sri-Lanka , Sudan, Turkey and Zanzibar. Christian has a fondness for the social and anthropological aspects of the world. A large part of his personal reportage is related to the cultural minority. A particularly important project he experienced involved a month long coexistence with a group of Kurdish women, victims of abuse and violence.

Christian currently works closely with photographers of the “Illawarra Mercury” of Wollongong (Sydney, Australia) and news correspondent agencies (Italy and Australia) of “International Journal Railways ( IRJ )”.

Christian teaches photography classes and supervises workshops/photo-walks in Italy. He is available for the realization of foreign reportage on commission.

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