The Majare.

The Aeolian Islands are rich of stories and supertition. The term Majare defines the witches, women generally old remembered from the villages as persons with magical abilities, whom for good or evil where able to operate on human nature, creating diseases, cures and spells of any kinds. In reality, amoung these classical tales, there are stories about the exploits of others witches than those previously described. Beautiful and young women, married, who waited for the deep sleep of their husbands and anointed a miraculous oil that allowed them to fly, becoming for humans, creatures of light and mystery. Women without veils, with sensual bodies who flyed out of the country, stealed fishermen boats and returned in to the island during the early morning before everyone woke up. They preferred places near the sea in open spaces leaving dazzling streaks of light behind them. The interactions between uomano and witches took place following a typical layout, which can be represented by the struggle between the reality and magic. The husbands of the witches were involved at first, they tried replacing the magic ointment with normal cooking oil. Then there were rituals to ward off evil. drawing a circle on the floor or on the windowsill, saying the magic words while sunking into in the center a sharp knife, propitiating to dry out the magic oil.

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